Effective DevOps

We provide DevOps and Security consulting and hands-on work to help you create the best workflow for your team. From writing a new feature to deploying it to production - we can help your developers to ship software faster with less friction.

DevOps can get out of hand quickly. It can make your developer's lives miserable, eat your budget and introduce endless stress. We can help you implement effective DevOps that actually works.

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Services - DevOps and Security

Whether you’re looking to optimize your CI/CD pipelines, secure your cloud infrastructure, or implement Kubernetes effectively, our team of experts is ready to assist.

At PineWise, we don’t just deliver solutions; we equip your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to maintain and enhance these systems, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

The DevOps Blueprint

The DevOps Blueprint

The DevOps Blueprint is where we analyze your current development and DevOps workflows and give you a 360 view of where you are and where you should go. We will help you create an actionable roadmap that will help you get to where you want to be.

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We can help you shift left and incorporate security early in the development process. That also includes helping you secure your cloud infrastructure and make sure you are ready for those long security questionnaires your customers sent you.

CI/CD Pipelines

CI/CD Pipelines

Your build to deploy pipelines are there to help you. They should be simple and solve the right problem without degrading developer productivity. We can help you build (or optimize) the right pipelines for your team.



If you end up really needing to use Kubernetes (because it really made sense), we can help you create a production architecture that is scalable and secure.



You went through all the trouble of creating new systems, but what is the benefit if no one knows how to use them? We offer training for DevOps engineers as well as for developers who need to learn how to use DevOps technologies.

Our work

A Fortune 50 Company

Building Pipelines for the Enterprise

A Fortune 500 company needed help in moving towards Continuous Delivery. With a large codebase and complex dependencies they needed a solution that could scale.

A robotics startup in the manufacturing sector

DevSecOps and Cloud Security

This startup needed help with incorporating security into their development process, and more working hands to comply with the security requirements of their clients.

A VERY high traffic content network

Reducing AWS costs and improving the developer experience

This customer is running a content network with millions of requests an hour. They needed help reducing their AWS costs, update infrastructure and improve the developer experience.

Working with PineWise has gotten us up and running and servicing customers with a functioning system that is scalable and stable. It’s highly complex code interacting with two APIs and it’s humming along beautifully.
Yuval and Asaf have very much been part of helping us build a product that customers love and pay to use, so we can now push forward with the business, acquire customers and get a reputation in the field.
They helped identify what needed to be done to get the system running, worked on the back-end code and architecture, have helped maintain the entire system, and have been a major contributor to helping us overcome extraordinary challenges.
I can recommend working with PineWise in the highest terms.
Prof. Kenneth Mischel
Prof. Kenneth Mischel
Founder, WakeUp Pension

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